Business Agency Association Lead Projects
The project "Black Sea Women Entrepreneurship Connection - Empowering Women through Tourism (WETOUR)" is closely related to the common challenges in the Black Sea Basin region. The participating organizations aim to create a strong partnership in the field of women's entrepreneurship.
Cross-border cooperation is crucial because it will provide women with best practices and successful policies already implemented in the area to bring them closer to entrepreneurship and increase women's employment.
BSB 908 Smart Farming
Development and implementation of a reproducible and transferable model for preparing the conditions for ensuring digital transformation in agriculture in the Black Sea Basin region. The project will improve the capacity of the agricultural community, academia, public institutions, industry participants and entrepreneurs for cross-border trade opportunities to address common territorial challenges related to lagging modernization in the agricultural and related sectors.

The project supports the elimination of some of the main disadvantages of the Black Sea Basin countries related to the upcoming digital transformation, stimulates entrepreneurship with well-planned and appropriate activities to a number of challenges and opportunities arising from the main territorial processes in three dimensions.
Building digital entrepreneurship skills in the elderly through an innovative training system.

The project directly contributes to the EUSDR and the program-specific objective of enhancing the competencies of SMEs for business, as it promises to provide a skilled workforce to meet their needs in the digital age. It also strengthens the cooperation and competencies of key ecosystem actors.
Regional policies adopting Industry 4.0 for Digital Transformation

Adapting innovation policies to support smart specialisation in the manufacturing sector as a result of the emergence of industry 4.0.
Catalyzing Regions in Peripheral and Emerging Europe towards Digital Innovation ecosystems

Exploring the creation of living Digital Innovation Ecosystems in Europe's regions
Citizen involvement in circular economy implementation

Involving citizens in circular economy through a transfer of knowledge about services and sharing economy solutions
Digital tech SMEs at the service of Smart Specialization Strategies

Coordinating actions to foster the growth of digital SMEs providing innovative solutions that allow other sectors to be more competitive.
Delivery of Innovative solutions for Home Care by strengthening quadruple-helix cooperation in regional innovation chains
North-east pre-accelerator
Business Agency Association Completed Projects
BG EIF 2013 / 01-02.03 "One-stop-shop services for sustainable integration of TCN in Varna
Project "CLOUD - Cluster Orientation to Modern Technologies and Models for Modern Development
"Building a local / regional economic development network as a means of decisively improving the competitiveness of the Black Sea regions" LRED Net
Preparing the conditions for penetration of the Black Sea Wines in the international market: "Black Sea WinExports"
BG EIF 2011/01-01.03 "Door to Bulgaria: One-Stop-Shop for Sustainable Integration of Third-Country Nationals in Varna"
BG/RF2009/A10/GR5 "Organization of training seminars for regional and local state authorities to implement international standards of human rights in the return of immigrants to their home countries"
BG EIF 2009/01-02.02 "Gateway to Bulgaria: One-stop-shop for sustainable integration of immigrants"
BG051PO001-5.2.06-0080-C-0001 "Integrated model for innovative community based social services - "one-stop shop" for e-inclusion of people with disabilities"
BG-051RO001-05/01/2001-0034-C0001 "Mission to change -social enterprise as a chance for a normal life and social inclusion"
BG051PO001-4.2.03-0802 "Conquerors of the Sea - Episode 1 - Rose of winds"
BG EIF 2008/01-03.01 "Door to Bulgaria: from immigration to integration - creation of a pilot information center for immigrants" in Varna
BG 2006/018-343.10.01-1.46 "Qualification training in a profession with a tradition and perspective to create sustainable jobs in a region with high unemployment"
BG051PO001/07/4.2-01/268 "Conquerors of the Sea"
BG2005/017-353.10.01-2.81 "An Innovative Model for Effective Entrepreneurship"
BG 2005/017-586.04.02/ESC/G/CDI-II-010 "Varna Tourist Cluster"
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